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Kimley-Horn Gives Back

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Moving to Oklahoma was more than an opportunity for Garrett Putman to further his career at Kimley-Horn. Since relocating from Texas four years ago, he has found lifelong friends and a connection to a community that he says is unlike any other. 

“I absolutely love Oklahoma. The people are friendly and have 

welcomed me as one of their own,” said Putman. “Working for Kimley-Horn in Oklahoma City has provided me the opportunity to find lifelong friendships and become connected to a really great community.” 

Garrett is originally from San Antonio Texas and he studied at Texas A&M University. He joined Kimley-Horn six years ago, and relocated to Oklahoma City in 2016.  


Kimley-Horn has served the state since 2015. They currently employ 11 people in their Oklahoma City office. 


“Kimley-Horn is dedicated to the communities where they are located,” said Putman. The company as a whole really encourages their employees to volunteer and give back.” 


As a part of Kimley-Horn’s initiative to give back, they have committed to donating a combined $100,000 to organizations submitted by local offices. Garrett’s suggestion to nominate Positive Tomorrows was supported unanimously by the Oklahoma City team.


Positive Tomorrows reduces barriers to learning, supporting families and providing an individualized education for students who are often behind. This organization is one that has been close to Garrett’s heart for a since first learning about it from a friend three year prior. 


“These children really have no say in the fact that they are experiencing homelessness,” said Putman. This organization works to support not only the kids, but also their parents.” 


Garrett is an annual supporter of Positive Tomorrow’s Merry Market, a Christmas market where children and their parents can shop for holiday gifts for each other free of charge. 


“It’s a great feeling knowing that the book or toy that I provided is going directly to kids in my community. Homeless or not, kids everywhere look forward to having presents to open during the holiday season,” said Putman. ''This helps to provide that opportunity for families who may not otherwise have the financial means.”

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