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Full STEAM ahead: Finish summer with science, engineering, art and math activities to inspire Oklahoma’s next generation of professionals

Open for Business Oklahoma (OFBO) members are dedicated to the communities where they work and live. From providing essential services to volunteering at community nonprofits, people helping people happens in diverse ways. Engineers keep critical infrastructure working in our towns and cities, from water treatment and electricity to bridge and highway safety, often behind the scenes. 


Lack of professional visibility is one career obstacle field professionals are also working to solve. Emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) is an important focus of schools and extracurricular activities aimed at sparking students’ interest early and highlighting possibilities in diverse fields. OFBO members have contributed to a free virtual STEAM curriculum available for parents, teachers and students to access anytime of year.

“Think Like an Engineer” challenges children to follow directions, apply real world math skills and see how science affects everyday life. Content is designed for middle school students to put textbook concepts into hands-on practice, with some activities applicable to a broader age range.

Summer break is in full swing but the season’s hottest days are the perfect time for learning outside the classroom. Download the packet today to inspire tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and industry leaders.

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