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Unearthing Excellence: Insight Into
Geotechnical Engineering with Terracon’s Scott Randle, P.E.

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Terracon’s Scott Randle recognizes that, as a geotechnical engineer, much of what his team does goes unseen by the public. 


“What we do is unique because it’s all behind the scenes. While you see the structure as the finished product, you don’t see all the work that went on beneath the surface,” said Terracon Senior Principal Scott Randle, P.E.


Geotechnical engineering is crucial to safeguarding lives and property in ways that are often overlooked but nonetheless essential. While it may lack the glamor of sleek skyscrapers or mammoth bridges, Terracon’s work helps lay the foundation of success necessary to ensure the safety and stability of structures built upon it.

“Based on experience and analysis, we work to determine how the soil is going to interact with structures,” Randle said. “It’s science, geology and engineering all wrapped into one.”


Randle earned his geotechnical engineering degree at Colorado School of Mines. After getting his start as a field engineering technician in nearby Boulder while still attending college, he had the opportunity to move home to his native Kansas in 2006 to start a career with Terracon.


“In the close to two decades I’ve been with this company, I’ve seen us grow from a regional firm to now a national firm with thousands of employees. We’re 100% employee owned, which means that as our own shareholders, we all have a hand in our success,” Randle said. “There’s a lot of support and mentoring within our company, and now, I’m fortunate to be at a point in my career to be able to provide mentorship to others.”


Terracon’s uplifting employee culture provides ample opportunities for growth. Randle and his wife Shelby seized the “fantastic” opportunity to relocate to Piedmont with their three children in June 2019.


“Oklahoma has been very welcoming to us. It’s been a great move,” said Randle.


Geotechnical engineers like Randle rely on their vast expertise to understand the complex behavior of the ground beneath our feet, providing critical insight to help mitigate risk, solve problems and prevent disaster. Each new project provides its own set of challenges—part of what keeps Randle’s work interesting.


“In short, we provide solutions to our clients. Until you start drilling in the ground, you don’t exactly know what you’re going to encounter. It’s our job to help clients solve problems and work through issues,” Randle said. “At the heart of what we do is help communities and companies manage their risk. You’ve hired us because you want to ensure your structure stands the test of time and we’re up for the challenge.”

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