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Local firm helps Oklahomans with local services, charitable initiatives


Good corporate neighbors provide essential public services, create

job opportunities for professionals and contribute to the community. Their reach goes far beyond regional headquarters or a local office building. It extends to customers, families and the towns they

call home.

Garver is an engineering, architectural and environmental services firm with more than 38 offices and 1,000 employees in 15 states. Nearly 100 employees live in Oklahoma, with offices in Tulsa and Norman, as well as an Oklahoma City office that opened in 2019.

“With Garver, these aren’t just jobs. They’re careers,” explained Mary Elizabeth Mach, water team leader for Garver’s Oklahoma team. “We work with Oklahoma people for Oklahoma people, and we execute that work in the communities where all of us live. These aren’t projects that are taking place in Denver or Seattle or other cities far away here from. They impact Oklahoma roads, bridges and water systems we all use.”

Mach is in charge of a team that executes engineering reports, conducts analysis and designs systems to ensure the public safety of water. A graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma, Mach sees her field as a way to help both people and the environment through problem-solving. The position at Garver allowed her to stay in the state after graduation.

“Site-specific challenges are really fun to overcome and solve. Relationships with people are another aspect of this field that I have come to love because we become friends with clients,” said Mach. “Garver Gives is one way employees can be involved with philanthropic efforts in our communities. We give dollars, we give hours and if the company didn’t have community support as part of its culture, those entities would not benefit from our contributions.”

Mach has worked with Food & Shelter in Norman, one of the many charitable efforts Garver employees are involved in as a way of giving back. Employees help coordinate fresh food pick-ups from local stores and restaurants to help make it available to those in need who visit organizations that can help them directly.

Public health issues related to treating water during the COVID-19 pandemic have made Mach’s work at Garver all the more critical. The firm works closely with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as a leading project manager on Oklahoma roads and bridges.

The importance of qualifications based selection and choosing the engineers best-suited for a particular project stands out to Mach as an important issue for public works in our state.

“Garver is able to accomplish challenging, technically-involved projects where Oklahomans’ health and safety are concerned,” said Mach. “The firm has acquired that respect because of the quality of work, dedication to schedule and commitment to public safety. I’m glad to be part of that team and the work Garver leads.”

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